Resumo (em inglês): O imaginário brasileiro sobre a Amazônia: uma leitura por meio dos discursos dos viajantes, do Estado, dos livros didáticos de Geografia e da mídia impressa


The objective of this work was to understand how the word "the Amazon" became full of meaning, verifying what images are predominantly associated to this concept. The concept of "the Amazon" was rebuilt in connection with the imaginary level of people. It was made through the speeches which involved the concept since the arrival of the colonizing settler to the New World, focusing mainly in the representation of the last 50 years. Two levels of representation of "the Amazon" had been studied: the external, structuralized by the speeches declared externally, and the endogenous one, elaborated by the protagonists who live in the region. The external vision was rescued from the speeches of the State, the school Geography and the Brazilian printed media. The assimilation of this image of "the Amazon" was evidenced by means of street interviews. Moreover, the apprehension of the vision of "the Amazon" among the traditional population of the region was acquired through a study of case in an Amazonian marginal community. One evidenced that, in Brazil, the predominant perception of "the Amazon" is the landscape of the forest and that the endogenous view and external one divert in meaning. The domestication of the nature is a present element in the external speeches on the region, in which dichotomies prevail as paradise/hell and civilization/barbarity. The internal vision is heterogeneous. Among traditional inhabitants a conception does not exist on "the Amazon", therefore there is not the necessary detachment for the construction of this concept. It prevails, in this case, the recognition and the identity with the places, that directly are experienced.

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