Create a Climate of Creativity


Mike Hawkins. Training. Minneapolis: Jan 2010. Vol. 47, Iss. 1; pg. 12, 1 pgs

Imitation products, boring value propositions, and dull themes seem to be in vogue these days. There are exceptions, of course, but the lack of innovation truly manifests itself by the number of people and companies who so quickly turn to reducing their prices instead of improving their value-add. The reality is that anyone can be creative. Creativity is more of a cultivated ability than a natural one. In fact, any manager can stimulate a climate of creativity.

Here are eight principles to follow to bring out the creative ability in yourself and your teams: 1. Adopt the mind-set. 2. Free up time. 3. Change your routine. 4. Leverage diversity. 5. Foster communications and sharing of ideas. 6. Be willing to take reasonable risks. 7. Extend existing ideas. 8. Be an expert.

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